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Brand and Values

The first computer virus was discovered in 1986. It did not take long for people to realize that computers connected together would not only enable great things, but also make you more vulnerable.

Two years later in 1988, F-Secure was founded in Finland. In the global environment we work in, we take pride in our roots that embraces privacy, integrity and equality – and a small bit of finnish crazyness, "sisu" to have the guts to challenge everything and anything necessary. All these qualities have led us where we are as a company. Today the whole world is even more connected. You use your devices at home, at work and on the road. For us it means that we have an even bigger job to do. It’s about fighting for freedom. Your freedom.

It is freedom that pushes us to create better products and services, so that you can live your digital life without worries. We create and share more and more content every day, and because of that security has become very personal. For us, freedom is about making sure that you are the one who is in control.

F-Secure is a company that protects your content and your privacy everywhere. On a more fundamental level, it’s really about making sure that technology acts as a liberator today, and tomorrow. Together with you, we fight for your freedom. And today we are needed more than ever.

Join the freedom movement.

F-Secure - Switch on Freedom

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