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Annual General Meetings

F-Secure Corporation's highest governing body is the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held within a period from the end of the financial year as proposed by the Board of Directors and as defined by the law. The AGM shall confirm remunerations to the Board members and auditors, decide the number of members on the Board of Directors, appoint Board members, approve the financial statement, determine the amount of dividends and select the auditors and other issues as described in Article of Associations of F-Secure Corporation and in Finnish Companies Act. Contacts: investor-relations@f-secure.com

Articles of Association


Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2009

The Annual General Meeting of F-Secure Corporation was held on Thursday March 26, 2009 in High Tech Center, Tammasaarenkatu 3, 00180 Helsinki. Below you can find material relating to the meeting.