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Insiders and Silent Period

Insider regulation

The company follows the insider regulations of the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. Insiders are divided into three categories: (1) permanent insiders including the members of the Board, the auditors, and the Group's executive team, (2) permanent company-specific non-public insiders including persons who by virtue of their position or tasks learn inside information on a regular basis, and (3) project based insiders.

Permanent public insiders and permanent company specific insiders are not entitled to trade shares, options or other securities 21 days prior to publication of interim financial statements or company accounts.

Trading restrictions during the silent period applies also to interest parties of the insiders mentioned above. The definition of interest parties can be found in the Finnish Securities Markets Act which has been amended and is valid starting from January 1st, 2013.  

Silent period

The Group has a silent period of 21 days before each quarterly financial report announcement. During the silent period the company will neither arrange meetings nor conference calls with the investors.

List of F-Secure's public permanent Insiders