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Leadership Team

President and CEO

The Board of Director shall appoint the CEO and decide upon his/her remuneration and other benefits. CEO's duties include managing the business according to the instructions issued by the Board of Directors, present the matters to be dealt with in the Board of Directors' meeting, implement the matters resolved by the Board of Directors and other issues determined in the Companies Act. The Board of Directors confirms the salary and other benefits of the CEO. The CEO's retirement age and the determination of his/her pension conform to the standard rules specified by Finland’s Employee Pension Act. The period of notice for the CEO is twelve (12) months both ways and there are no separate compensations for dismissal. The CEO also belongs to the Company's long-term incentive program. Company CEO is Christian Fredrikson.

Leadership Team

F-Secure Corporation's Leadership Team assists the CEO in the management and development of the Group. The Leadership Team consists of the following persons: Christian Fredrikson (President and CEO), Johanna Orjatsalo (Human Resources and Facilites), Samu Konttinen (Consumer Security Business Line), Janne Juvonen (Customer and Market Operations), Pirkka Palomäki (Chief Strategy Office), Jari Still (R&D Operations), Timo Laaksonen (Content Cloud Business Line), Pekka Usva (Corporate Security Business Line) ja Taneli Virtanen (Finance and Supporting Services)

The CEO appoints the Leadership Team members and decides upon the terms and conditions of their employment. The Board of Directors approves the compensation for the executive teams. The bonuses and grant of stock options are based on the performance of the group and the individual. The Leadership Team assembles regularly once a month and separately as needed.