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Investor calendar 2013

January February March

Jan 11-Feb 1
Silent period

Feb 1
IV/2012 Interim report

Feb 4
Q4 investor meeting arranged by Nordea Bank

Feb 7
Possible requests from shareholders to the Annual General Meeting

Feb 14
The Board's proposal to the Annual General Meeting

Feb 25-26
Investor meetings; MWC 2013 Barcelona

Week 11
Annual report 2012 published

Mar 26
Investor meeting arranged by Tapiola Pankki

April May June

Apr 3
Annual General Meeting

Apr 5-26
Silent period

Apr 26
I/2013 Interim report


June 4
Roadshow in London arranged by Carnegie

July August September

July 5-26
Silent period

July 26
II/2013 Interim report

Aug 7
Q2 investor meeting arranged by Carnegie

Sep 17
Investor meetings arranged by Pohjola

October November December

Oct 4-25
Silent period

Oct 25
III/2013 Interim report

Oct 28
Q3 investor meeting arranged by Evli

Nov 28
Carnegie’s IT-seminar