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Fear of Flying? Survey Shows Data Security is Key Reason Companies Shy Away from Cloud

But the right online business collaboration service is actually more secure in the end. Here’s why.

Helsinki, Finland – June 25, 2014: Flying is the fastest, most effective way to travel, yet many of us have fears about getting on a plane. Similarly, although using cloud solutions can greatly boost company efficiency, not every business has made the jump to cloud services. In a recent F-Secure survey of companies with up to 500 employees,* concern about data security emerged as a key reason why.

45% of companies who don’t use a cloud solution cite lack of control and security issues as the main reason for not being interested in cloud-based services. Among the bigger companies surveyed, that number is higher: 67% for companies with 50 to 249 employees, and 70% for companies with 250-500. Other business reasons for lack of interest in cloud-based services: 21% of companies cited costs, 13% performance issues and 12% legal liabilities.

“Companies who are afraid of the cloud for security reasons should be aware that a properly designed and managed business cloud service is an extremely secure choice,” says Timo Laaksonen, Vice President of Content Cloud at F-Secure. “Furthermore, a practical example: Say an employee needs to access information on their mobile device to share with a customer. If you don’t provide an easy-to-use, always available online service to do this, they will simply use their personal cloud account or download the information directly to their device. And that is a security risk.”

Of companies that use or are open to using cloud-based solutions, data security is also seen as the most important consideration in choosing a cloud collaboration service. 84% say data security is extremely important, followed by ease of use, and accessibility from anywhere. 52% said location of servers is extremely important, and 43% cited the origin country of the service provider.

27% of companies using cloud say it was the employees, rather than the company itself, who first began using a cloud-based solution for business purposes.

Take business productivity sky high

Younited for Business is the secure, trustworthy cloud collaboration service that is easy and intuitive for storing business files, sharing them and working together, anywhere from any device. Built by F-Secure, it’s designed and operated by trained security professionals using the same technologies, competences and best practices as F-Secure Labs, the makers of award-winning online protection services.

"We chose younited first and foremost because of the security aspects,” says Jukka Nieminen of Unmonday, a company that designs and markets intelligent audio systems. “We cannot risk having our confidential materials ending up in the wrong hands. Secondly, we are a small company with a global reach. We need easy to use solutions that are accessible anywhere in the world. On top of that, we really like younited’s Group Spaces, which allow us to work efficiently with our agencies and business partners around the world.”

Younited for Business is available currently in Europe in three flexible storage options: 5GB, 100GB, and 500GB. It can be purchased through F-Secure’s trusted network of European reseller partners. Younited for Business can be managed through F-Secure’s turn-key cloud security service, Protection Service for Business, a unique blend of content and security in one place.

No need to fear a flight into the clouds. Companies can be secure, and take their business to new levels with the cloud, both at the same time.

*F-Secure’s Digital Company Survey 2013 consisted of web interviews of deciders and influencers of software purchases working at companies with up to 500 employees. Participants were from eight countries: Germany, Italy, France, the UK, Sweden, Finland, Poland and the USA. There were 805 respondents in total, with at least 100 per country. Respondents were 67% male and 33% female. The survey was completed by GfK in November 2013.



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