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F-Secure's Pirkka Palomäki is CTO of the Year 2011

Technology Academy Finland has named Pirkka Palomäki, F-Secure’s Chief Technology Officer, as CTO of the Year 2011. Palomäki has played a significant role in turning F-Secure into a global technology leader in the data security sector.

“The objective of this annual award is to highlight the importance of Chief Technology Officers to the future competitiveness of Finnish companies,” says Tapani Järvinen, Chairman of Technology Academy Finland’s Industry Council and a member of the award jury. “The CTO’s role in a company includes acting as a link between customers, technology and other departments in the organisation.”

The title of “CTO of the Year” is awarded annually to an individual who adds significant value to their company’s performance through technology, communicates their company’s technologies and associated benefits to all stakeholders in an understandable way, and participates actively in the work of the technology development community. CTOs should also be inspiring leaders and teambuilders who encourage strong company-wide participation in the innovation process. Each CTO of the Year will be representing a globally-minded, well-known and innovative company with a technology-enabled product and service portfolio.

“The selection process was extremely difficult as all the nominated candidates were top class,” said Yrjö Neuvo, Chairman of the CTO of the Year award jury and a Technology Academy Finland board member. “Mr Palomäki is an ideal CTO and an excellent match for the award criteria. He has the ability to simplify complex subjects and make them understandable to a wide audience, and he is continuously building connections between business needs and technological choices and architectures.”

Pirkka Palomäki has had a long and successful career at F-Secure. Prior to his appointment as CTO in 2001, he held executive roles in the company’s research and development, marketing and product management functions. As well as being an active participant in the software development community, he has played a leading role in the complete modernisation of F-Secure’s product-development process, which emphasises collaboration between different operational roles and different geographical locations.

“It’s a great honour to be named the first CTO of the Year,” said Pirkka Palomäki. “This recognition is not just for me but for everyone at F-Secure, and it motivates us to keep developing innovative high-tech business models together with our customers and partners. I hope the award will open up new opportunities to continue the discussion with other top managers in Finland and elsewhere, and so raise both my own know-how and that of the company’s to a new level.”

The CTO of the Year 2011 Award was made by Technology Academy Finland, sponsored by Sitra and coordinated by Spinverse Oy. The award ceremony was held at Restaurant Pörssi on 16 March 2011.

Members of the CTO of the Year award jury:

  • Chairman: Yrjö Neuvo, Board Member, Technology Academy Finland
  • Mona Grönstrand, Former CTO of Datex (GE Healthcare)
  • Lars Gädda, Research Director, Forestcluster Ltd
  • Tapani Järvinen, Chairman, Technology Academy Finland's Industry Council
  • Matti Kleimola, Professor, Former CTO, Wärtsilä Corporation
  • Pekka Koponen, CEO, Spinverse • Matti Packalén, Chairman of the Board, Spinverse Oy
  • Jari Pasanen, Vice President, SITRA