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F-Secure launches advanced Partner Portal for resellers

Helsinki, Finland – March 29, 2011: F-Secure is proud to offer a sophisticated new Partner Portal for its resellers. Several thousand partners have already signed up and are now using it. The portal provides advanced online tools for resellers that help them to react quickly and efficiently to end-customers’ needs, boosting sales and customer service.

The new Partner Portal makes life easier for resellers by bringing all their end customer information to a single location where they can conveniently manage accounts, calculate offers and find the full range of sales support materials from F-Secure. Everything resellers need to grow their business is now available online, only a few clicks away.

The new Partner Portal is a password-protected partner area under F-Secure’s main website. At the core of the Partner Portal is the My Customers page, which contains all the essential information about a reseller’s customers and which licenses are about to expire. This means resellers can focus their sales activities more effectively than ever.

The integrated Offer Calculator makes it easy to take advantage of the sales opportunities identified in the My Customers view. Resellers can now calculate offers and make orders with just a few clicks. The Partner Portal gives resellers priority access to all F-Secure downloads, including every product version published, as well as beta releases. It also includes an extensive search functionality. All the latest sales presentations and campaign templates from F-Secure are available from the portal in an editable format.

Antti Valtonen, Director of Corporate Business Marketing at F-Secure, says, “Ease of doing business is one of the cornerstones of partnering with F-Secure. We are very proud of the new Partner Portal, which raises F-Secure’s support for its resellers to a whole new level. Thanks to easily accessible license information and the highly convenient Offer Calculator, resellers can always contact their customers at the most opportune time.”

The new Partner Portal is also more interactive than ever. F-Secure’s partners can voice their opinions by joining conversations on the reseller forum and by rating the materials provided in the service. Every reseller can benefit from the shared wisdom of the F-Secure ecosystem. By actively participating in the development of the Partner Portal, F-Secure’s resellers can also ensure that it serves their needs in the best way possible.

The new Partner Portal is available at https://partnerportal.f-secure.com.

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