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Safer is smarter - F-Secure protects the latest smartphones and tablet computers

Helsinki, Finland – June 15, 2011: The mobile world is changing fast. Smartphones and tablet computers are at the cutting edge of technological sophistication and defining what is cool to a new generation of younger users. Mobile devices are now widely used by both children and adults for surfing the Web, keeping in touch with favourite digital communities, and for online transactions.

The security context is also evolving. The Web is constantly growing and according to F-Secure’s Data Security Labs much of its content is harmful or low quality. Many websites now consist of recycled material that spammers attempt to exploit for advertising revenue. This means that mobile devices need better security than ever before, with online security and parental control to prevent children accessing harmful websites taking on an added importance.

Confidential data like photos, emails and passwords are now stored on many mobile devices, also making data loss and identity theft a major concern. According to a recent F-Secure survey*, 75% of respondents who had lost a phone said they were more worried about losing the data on their cell phone than the phone itself.

Complete security solution

F-Secure Mobile Security 7 is a complete security solution for smartphones and tablet computers, helping everyone enjoy these cool devices to the full. It provides safe web browsing with parental control, protects confidential content, and makes it possible to locate your device if it is lost or stolen.

The new Parental Control feature in Mobile Security is easy to set up based on the children’s age. It is fully customizable according to 15 content categories, such as adult, chat, dating, drugs and gambling content, which can all be blocked. According to F-Secure’s survey, 77% of respondents would like to filter inappropriate web content if their child is using a smartphone with Internet access.

Mobile Security identifies which websites are safe to enter and which you should avoid. Harmful sites designed to spread malware or to steal your online identity, such as banking details, are automatically blocked to ensure safe browsing.

Antitheft – Pro kids

Globally millions of phones are lost or stolen every year. This is also reflected in F-Secure’s survey results, where 33% of respondents said they had lost a cell phone. With Mobile Security you can remotely locate** and lock your lost device and – as a last resort  –  erase the data to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

If someone changes the SIM card, Theft Control locks the phone automatically and the thief’s phone number is reported to you. There is also a Remote Alarm feature to help find that hidden phone under the sofa, even if it’s on silent mode.

Location Sharing is another useful new feature. The user can easily report his or her current location to friends and family. The person holding the device can also be remotely located. This makes it easy to keep tabs on your children, for example making sure that they arrive safely at school. And if a child loses the phone, the device can be remotely locked or wiped by the parents.

Industry-leading protection

F-Secure Mobile Security 7 protects against the harmful apps, malware and viruses that criminals are using to exploit mobile devices for financial gain. As smartphones and other mobile devices become more affordable, they are increasingly used for shopping and other financial transactions. Consequently, mobile devices are also becoming an attractive target and the amount of mobile malware is expected to grow significantly.

F-Secure’s frequent automatic updates ensure the fastest protection against mobile threats. Immediate reaction times and fast cures during new and emerging threats are guaranteed by F-Secure Labs, which are working 24 hours a day worldwide.

Key Features of Mobile Security 7

  • Parental Control - Protect children from unsuitable web content.
  • Location Sharing - Locate your children anywhere, anytime.
  • Antitheft - Remote lock, locate or erase your missing phone.
  • Browsing Protection - Avoid harmful and fake websites.
  • AntiVirus - Keep your device clean from harmful malware.
  • AntiSpyware - Identify apps that share your private information secretly.
  • Firewall - Stop intruders from breaking into your device.
  • Automatic Updates - Always up-to-date protection.
  • Support for new Android 2.3 and Symbian^3 platforms, S60 3rd and 5th Edition 

F-Secure Mobile Security is available from selected operators, through our global eStore and from selected retailers, a free trial version can be downloaded here.
More information: http://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/protection/mobile-security/overview

*The survey was carried out by F-Secure via SurveyGizmo during April 2011. 609 participants were solicited from around the globe through F-Secure’s Safe and Savvy blog.
** You need a personal security code to remote locate a device.


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