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F-Secure Introduces the Easy Way to Safeguard Content on Your Smartphone

94% of people say it is very important to prevent the loss of personal content from device. 82 % say personal content is more valuable than the device*. F-Secure Mobile Backup offers a worry-free way to safeguard content on smart devices.

F-Secure Mobile Backup meets a growing need among smartphone users given that important content is increasingly stored solely on smart devices. With F-Secure Mobile Backup users can enjoy life to the fullest knowing their content is always safe, even if the device is lost, stolen or broken. The service backs up a user’s mobile specific content such as contacts, sms’s, photos and videos. The solution can also be used to ease swapping from one phone to another.

Unique value adding opportunity for operators

F-Secure Mobile Backup can be provided by operators as a stand-alone or bundled service. It provides operators with an excellent platform to increase brand leverage, revenue potential and retention rates.

“Our solution allows the operator to tap into the growing market for online services while standing out with a solution that goes beyond basic security. Our solution offers a unique user experience. It is quick and easy to install and file backup is done with an extremely simple and hassle-free interface,” says Sebastian Neittamo, Solution Manager at F-Secure.

F-Secure Mobile Backup comes with a host of value adding benefits. All it takes is a couple of clicks to share content stored on the device with friends and family.  This is performed via email or with built-in integration to most common social media sites such as Facebook. Restoring specific content, or even the whole backup data, is also easy and automated. The restore process can be performed on the same device, or the backup can be transferred to another device, even one with a different operating system. Other important features include efficient backup and preventing backing up while roaming, to avoid unwanted costs.

F-Secure Mobile Backup is an excellent companion to F-Secure’s smartphone security solution Mobile Security 7.5.

Excellent companion to F-Secure Mobile Security

“F-Secure’s operator partners will now be able to offer complete end-to-end protection for their mobile subscribers by combining Mobile Backup with the recently enhanced Mobile Security 7.5 solution. This offers an excellent boost to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty”, says Marko Rapeli, Director, Sales & Business Development, Mobile & OEM at F-Secure.

F-Secure Mobile Backup is available to operators as a turnkey solution. F-Secure implements and hosts the backend storage system, and also provides a provisioning system. As part of the implementation project, F-Secure creates a customized end-user software package for the operator, as well as a web portal for web browser access to end-user data. Operators will find that F-Secure Mobile Backup is remarkably easy to implement. This not only reduces time to market, but also minimizes the need to invest in hardware, project management and service maintenance.

Supported systems

F-Secure Mobile Backup supports Android, Symbian, iOS and Blackberry operating systems.


F-Secure Mobile Backup will be first available through selected F-Secure’s operator partners and in early 2012 through other consumer channels.  More information is available at http://www.f-secure.com/en/web/operators_global/storage-services/mobile-backup/overview

*According to a VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland survey commissioned by F-Secure.  Survey “Customer Value Analysis” was conducted during May-June 2011, in Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden. In each country there were 500 respondents, total of 3000 respondents aged 18-65.

F-Secure – Protecting the irreplaceable

While you concentrate on what is important to you, we make sure you are protected and safe online whether you are using a computer or a smartphone. We also backup and enable you to share your important files. Our services are available through over 200 operators around the world and trusted in millions of homes and businesses. Founded in 1988, F-Secure is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd.

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