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F-Secure Shuts Out Security Vulnerabilities by Keeping Business Software Up-To-Date

As malware attacks through software holes become more pervasive, keeping software current is a critical component to overall business security. F-Secure combines comprehensive security features with automated software updates – smart for any company, and groundbreaking for SMBs.

In a response to a recent explosion in malware attacks targeting weaknesses in operating systems and software, F-Secure has introduced patch management as a business security feature. The debut of Software Updater, soon available for all companies, breaks new ground for small and medium sized businesses as proactive patch management software that is part of a comprehensive SMB security solution.

Over 80%* of the top 10 malware detected by F-Secure Labs are targeted against software weaknesses. Known as vulnerability exploits and most commonly affecting unpatched software, these attacks threaten the data security of companies.

“Your software is like the front door to your PC,” says Sean Sullivan, Security Advisor at F-Secure Labs. “Out-of-date software is a wide-open door for all kinds of attacks. It only takes three days on average to turn a vulnerability into an exploit.”

The best defense is to run the latest versions of all software – operating systems, plugins, applications and browsers. But keeping all software current on every computer in an organization can be an overwhelming task, and for companies working with scarce IT resources, almost impossible. Thus it often gets left undone, leaving many companies open to data breaches.

Designed to meet the needs of business

Software Updater ensures that an organization’s operating systems and third-party applications are up-to-date. It proactively scans computers for missing security updates and patches and deploys them automatically, displaying the results. For users who want greater control, there is also a manual option.

“In most cases people don’t even know that there are updates available, and that can cause serious security risks for companies,” says Esa Tornikoski, Product Manager at F-Secure. “Compared to traditional patch management solutions, Software Updater handles the update process proactively, for maximum security using minimum resources.”

The world’s most complete security

F-Secure’s SMB security solution, Protection Service for Business, is the most comprehensive on the SMB market. Available through thousands of F-Secure reseller partners globally, it covers all aspects of security including virus and spyware protection, spam and email protection as well as firewall and server protection. Software Updater complements the overall solution and service portfolio. Protection Service for Business will be available with Software Updater in November.

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*result on October 17th, 2012

F-Secure – Protecting the irreplaceable

While you concentrate on what is important to you, we make sure you are protected and safe online whether you are using a computer or a smartphone. We also backup and enable you to share your important files. Our services are available through over 200 operators around the world and trusted in millions of homes and businesses. Founded in 1988, F-Secure is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd.

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