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Mikko Hypponen Inducted into Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame

The commendation, which recognizes brilliant minds in the computing and security industry who have dedicated their lives to the advancement of information security, is being awarded today in London at Infosecurity Europe, where Hypponen will speak. The three-day yearly event is Europe’s largest information security industry gathering.

As a member of the Hall Of Fame, Hypponen joins luminaries such as Bruce Schneier, Dan Kaminsky, Howard Schmidt and Dr. Whitfield Diffle, all of who have made long-term contributions to information security.

Hypponen is the first person from the Nordics to be inducted. Earlier this year, Reader's Digest included him on their list of "Seven Europeans Who Make A Difference" together with Felix Baumgartner and Adele.

Hypponen, a 22-year veteran of F-Secure, has led his team through the largest virus outbreaks in history. He has assisted law enforcement in the USA, Europe and Asia on cybercrime cases. A TED speaker, Hypponen has written for numerous magazines and newspapers including Wired and the New York Times. He sits on the advisory boards of ISF and The Lifeboat Foundation.

More information:
The Information Security Hall of Fame

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