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F-Secure Provides Cloud Based Privacy Protection for 1 Billion People

Is not having an account the only way to retain privacy in Facebook? F-Secure’s Safe Profile is making Facebook privacy simple for everyone – and testers are welcome.

Helsinki, Finland – May 7, 2013: Facebook’s tremendous success in attracting over 1 billion users shows that clearly, we “like” it – but as with any social networking service, privacy issues arise. F-Secure is bringing its security expertise to Facebook with a new app, Safe Profile, which will help protect users’ privacy in the world’s largest social network. Facebook users are welcome to participate in the development process by testing the app.

76 percent of consumers are concerned about their privacy when they share their life on social platforms.* And Facebook’s array of privacy settings, which enable users to precisely control the privacy aspects of the details of their accounts, can also be confusing, leading many users to accidentally share information publicly that they intended only for friends to see.

“The average person just wants to have fun with Facebook, not to spend time figuring out the intricacies of privacy settings,” says Maria Nordgren, VP, Consumer Security at F-Secure. “That’s where Safe Profile comes in. We’ve boiled down the most important privacy settings. We scan your profile against them and let you know where your account can be improved.”

Scans, Rates & Recommends for Safety

Too many settings, pages, and updates in Facebook? Safe Profile informs you about the most important safety and privacy issues, all in one place. Do Facebook’s privacy options change too often to keep up? Safe Profile stays up-to-date with frequent changes. Does getting a handle on Facebook privacy feel like a job, not a leisure activity? Safe Profile’s recommendations are easy to understand.

Safe Profile is designed to be the fastest privacy scanning engine in the world. After scanning, it gives a rating for the account’s privacy, displays any potential issues and makes recommendations for more secure settings. Safe Profile does not store personal data, it only scans.

F-Secure, the award-winning provider of best protection for Internet security,** is well-placed to help Facebook users protect their personal information and social media interactions.

“Security and privacy is at the core of what we do, and with the privacy concerns associated with social networks, we’re excited to be working to provide protection for those users,” says Nordgren. “Our slogan is ‘Protecting the irreplaceable’ – and what is more irreplaceable than your privacy, your reputation?”

To try Safe Profile and give your feedback and improvement ideas, log into your Facebook account and search for “Safe Profile Beta.” Feedback can be offered at:

*The F-Secure broadband survey covered web interviews of 6,400 broadband subscribers aged 20–60 years from 14 countries: France, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, USA, Canada, Brazil, India and Japan. The survey was completed by GfK, 25 May–1 June 2012.
**F-Secure Internet Security 2013 received the award for Best Protection 2012 from the AV-TEST Institute. www.av-test.org.

F-Secure – Protecting the irreplaceable
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